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Cultural and Business Communication

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In the case of the more useful would be to work and from one body to another, communication is the lifeblood that drives this process. But if communication is influenced by culture, a new chapter be included.
International companies are facing a new dilemma that intercultural communication is through comprehensive reforms and globalization, mergers and joint ventures. This makes culture an important aspect when it comes to communication.
Lack of understanding and investment in multicultural education will lead to significant problems of corporate information. Since the loss of customers, motivate staff, lack of teamwork, internal conflicts and low productivity. All this is just the icing on the products of poor cross-cultural communication.
Large international companies diverse workforce in terms of ethnicity and culture that we all face the same problem in case of conflict the difference in culture, language, values, beliefs, ethics business behavior, culture and labels.
Such a conflict could affect business, particularly in group cohesion and productivity. The problems of intercultural communication in case of large international companies appear and be taken seriously. For this reason, companies are increasingly aware of this dilemma and the improvement of intercultural communication in the body.
The team’s consultant architect multi-cultural and trans-has a dilemma: how technology and science is to improve the second page. Communications companies are people more mobile and faster to fax tools and other means of communication by closing the barrier invented distance, but an awareness of intercultural communication.
Besides differences of culture in society, the work culture of the enterprise is as important as work management capabilities of the company. Culture depends on how you look at the resources and services such as closed or open? For example, when working in the department of mechanical engineering and worked for the Department of Human Resources, there are cross-cooperation between the two departments? If there is a lack of communication now the team is very important to these situations.
These situations are allowed in the state through joint ventures and mergers of two separate companies working in other cultures is essential for its commitment to an open system. No doubt that most companies merged or expectations of better financial management and strategies are not risk the consequences of intercultural communication.
As companies increasingly recognize that the problems his company has not only economic losses caused by simple lack of education of the workforce, but the multi-cultural environment to work in employees on communication between cultures and understand intercultural management increased since the discovery of these activities in the era of globalization.
The main reason most companies have failed or intercultural business communication is mainly due to an underestimation of the impact of culture in a workplace, especially in communication. To help the experience in this situation, it would be better to invest the difference again was correct.

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